Summer swimming is the greatest

Summer swimming is the greatest

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350 kW hydroelectric plant located in N.E. Washington State.

This income producing grid connected hydro plant is located near Northport, Washington on Deep Creek.
Commissioned in 1984, the small plant operates with two Francis turbines under a 45 ft. hydraulic head.
A small concrete diversion structure and canal supply the forebay and intake.
Two 42 inch diameter x 90 ft. steel penstocks supply the turbines.

Annual production is in the range of 1800 megawatt hours with potential to increase capacity.
Current power rate is in the range of  5 cents/kWh with the local utility.

The hydro plant is located on a scenic 52 acre property with over 100 ft. of vertical drop in the stream across the property.  Timber, meadows and spectacular waterfall views make the property one of a kind.  Access to the property is a deeded easement from a paved county road.

Overlooking the power plant is an 80% complete 4,000 sq. ft. earth sheltered home built with cross vaulted arches.  Includes an indoor pool and passive, annual heat storage system.

$1.8 M

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